Creating Beautiful New Spaces

Beautiful homes don't just happen, they are made. Interior Design is about creating a comfortable space that maximises what a home has to offer.

We offer Interior Design, complete as a low cost solution to people with a tight budget, but wanting their homes looking fabulous. This we achieve by working with our clients to develop a design that is safe, functional, attractive and meets the needs.

We use our expertise to carefully assess our clients, agree and implement the best design chosen and after all alterations, add our personal touch to the final Style & Design.

Presenting your property for the perfect sale is really important, as many potential buyers struggle to see through clutter and a tired looking interior. Successful staging is key to selling your home quickly and at the best price.

Our services encompass every interior space within the home. We recycle what is usable and we scout second hand furniture stores, markets and use existing furniture to recreate a fresh, new look. 


Your Personal Style

What is a stylish new home, without a stylish new look? Discover a style that is a perfect complement to your personality and lifestyle. Gain confidence in yourself and your look and be released from your own perceptions and fashion's dictations.  

Clothing is a language on its own. It speaks volume about what you think of yourself and every individual deserves to know how to achieve an elegant look.

Have fun sorting through your seasonal wardrobe, building outfits and planning a shopping list that inspires you! Minimise the quantity of your clothes by focusing on quality, items that match, accessories and attention to detail. 

We will work with you in identifying your best styles, based on your body type and physical characteristics, including wardrobe assessment, colour and figure analysis as well as hair and make-up.