Style & Design

Do you want to learn how to make a positive first and lasting impression, feel comfortable in social situations ad polish your personal brand for success?

Etiquette is not about being perfect but about making people feel comfortable in your presence. 

Our strong teaching points include:

* The Art of Conversation (Communication Skills)
* Dining & Business Etiquette
* Career Planning & Interview Readiness
* Dream Mapping & Goals
* Personal Style & Make-Up

We STYLE & DESIGN our workshops to guide students to act with integrity and respect, teaching essential life skills and empowering an attitude towards independence and a strong self image.

We have held various private workshops and have also worked with the students from the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation in Windhoek, a Private College in Walvis Bay and the NGO Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO) in Swakopmund.

We hope to be able to to spread our wings and touch more student's lives going forward!